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Chivers BBQ Sauce
BBQ Sauce
Spencer Chivers

Little Acres
Scott Lazarus

Oasis Honey
Honey, beeswax candles, table runners
Kathy Harwell
(208) 571-3414

Oasis Honey is owned and operated by Kathy and Brett Harwell in the Sandhollow area of Caldwell.  What started as a swarm of bees in our front yard has turned into 200+ colonies that produce a smooth tasting honey and clean burning, pure beeswax candles.  Kathys' love of sewing adds table runners and potholders to create a very colorful display at the Caldwell and Nampa Farmers market as well as many local craft shows.

Wagner Idaho Foods
Bob & Cari Wagner
Wagner's Idaho Mustard, Soft
Pretzels, Baked Goods
(208) 284-0101
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Bob and Cari Wagner formed their food company, Wagner Idaho Foods in Nampa Idaho with the idea that they would make only wholesome, natural products.  "If we wouldn't eat it ourselves, why would we make it?" Bob says.  "You can actually pronounce every one of the ingredients in each of our products." 

"We love Idaho.  It's our home.  We love mustard.  So it's only natural that we name Wagner's Idaho Mustard after the state we love."   

Wagner's Idaho Mustard
is made naturally, the old fashioned way in small batches with nothing artificial, and it's made right here in Idaho, with Idaho grown organic mustard seed, filtered water and sea salt.  Now there are nine flavors; Wagner's Idaho Mustard, Dill, Smoky-Hot, Screamin' Hot Habanero, Hoppin' Jalapeno, Sweet & Sassy Honey, Applewood Smoked, Roasted Garlic and Special Reserve Whole Seed Mustard.  It's sassy, with an Idaho snap! 

This year, the Wagners will continue selling old fashioned German style soft pretzels along with Sourdough Bread and gourmet pretzel rolls (the BEST for hamburgers and hotdogs) as well as all natural whole wheat hamburger and hot dog buns and artisan breads.